Bangkok - the city of angels.

By far, Thailand is one of the best places on this earth. People often ask me about why i ended up here.
First the most logical reason would be because I have some family here. But to be honest they live quite far away from me.
I picked Bangkok simply because I feel free here and I can do most of the things here whenever I feel like it.
There a night clubs, resturants, coffee shops, shopping areas and much more open 24/7 here.
And the most fantastic thing is whenever I feel like escaping from the big city life.. the nearest beach is about 1 hour away.
When I was living in sweden I feelt like I had to follow rules all the time? Clubs where only open on Wed, Fri and Saturday.. shoppingmalls and shops closes at 7-8 PM.

Nah.. I always was looking forward for vacations and holidays.
Now, i feel like it's a holiday everyday even though I might work even more than what I did at home.
Here I feel like I can capture the days better and make the most out of it.
Next year I'm planning to buy my own condo here. That's how much I love it!

The working syndrome.

Friday, the day most people are looking forward to .. about 5 days per week. The day most woman throw their push-up bra's in the air and dive into their non sexy sweatpants. The day your actually to tired to function but you try to get your shit together so you atleast do something "out of the box"of your "halleluja freedom friday"!
I got my shit together today and went for a movie with Hillevi that we ended with Japanese foods.
Now 10.53 PM I'm in bed with a brain to tired to function over a glas of Aloevera veggie juice. 
Tomorrow I'm gonna lay next to the pool all day and get myself a tan.. cause Casper the ghost gave me a call and wanted his skincolor back.
Wish you all a great friday!

Singing in the rain?

..not so much...It's raining season here in Thailand. And i can't wait until it's over! I've been home all day due to the fact that its been pissin' down.
The posetive side of this is that it hasn't been as bad as last year. Cause then I litterly had to swim to work cursing 75% of all people who passed me by. Enough said about the rain.. 
There is swedish candy in my fridge... so i'll end this day by stuffing my half asian face with Marabou chocolate and pray for a better day tomorrow where I can burn myself into crisp in the sun.
Good night sweethearts.