Bangkok - the city of angels.

By far, Thailand is one of the best places on this earth. People often ask me about why i ended up here.
First the most logical reason would be because I have some family here. But to be honest they live quite far away from me.
I picked Bangkok simply because I feel free here and I can do most of the things here whenever I feel like it.
There a night clubs, resturants, coffee shops, shopping areas and much more open 24/7 here.
And the most fantastic thing is whenever I feel like escaping from the big city life.. the nearest beach is about 1 hour away.
When I was living in sweden I feelt like I had to follow rules all the time? Clubs where only open on Wed, Fri and Saturday.. shoppingmalls and shops closes at 7-8 PM.

Nah.. I always was looking forward for vacations and holidays.
Now, i feel like it's a holiday everyday even though I might work even more than what I did at home.
Here I feel like I can capture the days better and make the most out of it.
Next year I'm planning to buy my own condo here. That's how much I love it!